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Christmas Music Charts...Look Below
Posted 12/14/2011 1:14:00 PM

This is absolutely my favorite time of year. Some would call it corny or schmaltzy, but Christmas/Holiday music is some of the most beautiful and touching ever made. Songs that were written, sung, played and enjoyed in a lot of homes during the season…on the corner spinet..on radios, phonographs, hi-fi’s, 8-tracks and now on Satellite & the Web…good times…hanging out and enjoying the meal with family & good friends, wearing out our toys before we went back to school, giving your first love a gift…bad times…relocation, war, relations missing from the dinner table the following year.

In going through and compiling these lists, here is a sampling of what I have found in most folks collections growing up (as well as my parents) and what was reflective of radio play here in Philadelphia. Whether you’re an exclusive hard rocker or appreciate a variety of genres (most folks do) when you heard Frank, Johnny Mathis, Nat Cole, Brenda Lee, John Lennon, The Ronettes or Bruce…you knew you had that comfort…a piece of home or your childhood...when these melodies played out of your radios, console stereos and portables.

Special thanks to my mother & father for exposing me to a wide variety of artists and songs…(from Frank to Bruce) they’ve given me the foundation for a career and a true love of the music…check out the charts below!!

Posted By: Tony Harris  

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