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Posted 9/11/2012 5:12:00 PM

My friend Nora Barry has written a great read called THE HOME FIRES ARE BURNING...MY FEET (Stories from the domestic front). Thank God, it came along at just the right time for my personal stack of books. I had found myself immersed in a swirling downward vortex of Bukowski (help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!) But then Nora’s lovely book about her family life came along and lifted me back up into a world of laughter and a more illuminated day to day existence. Sure Bukowski drank whiskey and Nora has a fondness for bourbon Manhattans (as do I), but Nora’s bourbon actually helps solve and handle situations. It’s bourbon with a purpose!


The tales of Nora, George, Wally and The Snapper (sort of like 21st century Cleavers except with some sex and fun political games like “boff, kill or marry”) are the centerpiece of this book. And although the humor, wryness and wit are certainly front and center, there’s a familiarity here for any mothers with sons who are rapidly growing out of middle school and high school into worlds unknown. 


Until recently, I don’t think I’d read an entire book for 20 years (co-incidentally the age of my son). When we trotted him off to college, I attempted to read books all the way through, but found myself falling asleep after a chapter or two. The wonderful thing about Nora’s book is that it’s written in vignette-y chapters with self-contained stories so you can read one or two or three while still awake and look forward to another episode the next day. When I finished the book, I wrote to Nora that I was going to miss the family antics as I felt I was privy to personal daily missives on life in their household. I miss them! Write more books Nora!

 You can get the book here.

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