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A Classic Crew at MGK
Posted 7/11/2012 9:48:00 AM

As I was listening to T. Morgan this AM (he's handling the Best of Debella while John is on vacation), I started thinking about all my wonderful part-time on-air co-workers here at MGK and thought I would give a brief insight into my history with all of them.
I'll start with T. He and I go WAAAAY back to our YSP days together. T has had a long radio career in Philadelphia and has worked with many bands over the years. I can't wait until he writes his book! He's a runner and a great all around guy.
Michael Tearson is of course a Philly legend. He is intensely passionate about music. In fact, he's intense about all his passions. He is incredibly bright with a sweet vulnerable side AND just recently, he fulfilled a lifelong dream and released his own record called STUFF THAT WORKS.
Kathy Wagner and I always make sure we get our picture taken together at the various MGK events we attend together. Kathy is SO photogenic: I've never seen a bad picture of her. Kathy works with many bands in her other job at the Borgata. She is very involved with Greyhound rescue and in fact, brings her sweet dog into the studio on Sunday mornings when she's doing her airshift.
Scott Carr and I also worked together at YSP. I don't see Scott too often but when I do I'm always impressed by his work ethic. He's quite lowkey but has a sense of humor that seeps through. It's tough to hold down that overnight shift but I hear from listeners all the time about how Scott answers their phone calls and provides a friend in the wee hours.
Bubba John worked for MANY years at MMR and I didn't know him personally back them but always admired his on air work. I would also hear great things about him from our mutual friends in the Delaware Destroyers. Bubba is one of my favorite people ever. He is SO good on the air and it seems so effortless. He has some great "war" stories about the crazy days of rock and roll and I just absolutely adore him.
Jim Kinney has been a fixture at MGK since before I got here and I've been here 18 years. Jim loves trivia of all sorts and I'll often find him challenging Andre or Tony Harris in a "yeah, but did you know THIS?" game. Jim does overnight shifts and works on station commercial production (as does Scott Carr) AND he teaches at Temple. He is a big nature lover and he and Andre can also talk birds non-stop.
Tony Harris is the ticket. You hear his impeccable air work early mornings on the weekend. But did you know that he also produces the Bob Pantano Dance Party every Saturday night? And that he holds down the fort in the office M-F. Whenever I have a problem with anything whether it's equipment, commercials, information not in the studio, music, whatever...I don't call for my boss...I call for Tony. He is our fixer upper. Our go to guy. He's the one I see most. And he's a good buddy. We have lots of conversations about EVERYTHING.  

Cyndy Drue and I have known each other for many years. She has always been an involved advocate for local music and all the area bands know her and love her. She's always been a fantastic reporter at concerts and musical events. But did you know that she's also a great photographer? And that she and her sister wrote a book about their great uncle (several times back) who was an amazing impressionist artist? Cyndy and I shared a special moment we'll always cherish when we got to walk up on the Grammy stage and help accept an award for the ALL AGAINST BULLIES:BIG AND SMALL record that won the award for Best Children's Record. We hope to be able to do that again! 
I'm so lucky to work with such accomplished people and to like them all so much.

Posted By: Debbi Calton  

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