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2014 Oscars - Review and list of winners

Posted 3/2/2014 11:38:00 PM

Going into this year’s awards season, I was surprised and a little disappointed that some movies I really liked in 2013 didn’t get nominated.  Turns out, they were all independents and don’t always make it into the Oscar cache. 

Robert Redford, star of All is Lost – an independent film that was nominated for a Golden Globe but snubbed for any Oscar nods, spoke about this at the opening Press Conference of his 30th annual Sundance Film Festival. “Hollywood is a business, and a very well run business,” Redford said, adding that independent films don’t have the financial punch needed to get a movie nominated for an Oscar.

I wanted to mention three independent films here before my Oscar review to give them props. If you missed them the first time around, you can find them On Demand, on Netflix or somewhere!

One was Disconnect starring Jason Bateman and ...

The Beatles 50th anniversary - Review

Posted 2/9/2014 11:58:00 PM

When it comes to Classic Rock events, it doesn’t get much bigger than the Beatles 50th anniversary of their arrival in America and that’s what WMGK commemorated this weekend. No other radio station in Philadelphia gave this band the props they deserve – we dropped everything (and everyone) and played nothing but the Beatles all weekend long. “The Beatles Essential A to Z” was the theme, and boy, did it sound good.

I fell in love with the Beatles all over again listening to their music this way. And then to top it off, CBS-TV aired a knock-out/home run/A+ program tonight, exactly 50 years after their first appearance on the Ed Sullivan show.

“The Beatles: The Night That Changed America – A Grammy Salute” included footage from the Sullivan show interspersed with live performances by various artists doing Beatles songs, and a walk onto the Sullivan stage with David ...

Photo Essay of Sundance FIlm Festival 2014

Posted 1/29/2014 5:06:00 PM

Here are some pictures from the Sundance Film Festival 2014 with captions to describe.

Sundance 2014 - Recap

Posted 1/27/2014 11:28:00 PM

Having just gotten in from walking in the city here in Philly, after being in Utah for six days for Sundance, I can say – it’s way colder here than it is there. The biggest difference is the wind. There is NO wind in Park City, Utah where the festival was held. 30 degrees in the sunshine with no wind and dry air makes the weather so much more bearable.

I would highly recommend attending this festival. Park City is a small, manageable town that has anything you’d need. There were about ten theaters in Park City with a few others in Ogden and Salt Lake City (about 45 minutes away). You could see a movie as early as 8:30 in the morning, and as late as 12 midnight.

We took shuttle buses to the theaters. You could walk, but the buses were free and plentiful. The longest I ever ...

Sundance Film Festival - First 24 hours

Posted 1/23/2014 1:52:00 AM

The air is very dry here in Utah. Ever since I arrived Tuesday evening for the Sundance Film festival, I’ve felt like my voice is about to go, but it’s hanging in there.  I can’t help but wonder what it’s like here in the summer. But the festival is always in January, the coldest time of the year.

There couldn’t be a more beautiful setting for this festival experience.  The mountains that are all covered with snow surround Park City, the town where most of the action is. You can see the ski slopes lit up at night, and it’s really quite a sight.

Park City is cute, cozy and festive, with many colored lights adorning the streets and shops along Main Street. The Egyptian Theater is in the heart of the town, and that’s where many of the films are shown. Robert Redford owns a restaurant there, too, called ...


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