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Combat Comedy Show: Jim Breuer at xFinity Live: Review
Posted 3/2/2013 8:40:00 AM

“Red White and Breuer” was the banner above comedian Jim Breuer as he performed last night at xFinity Live for the WMGK/John DeBella Veteran’s benefit show. Combat Comedy Show benefitted the Philadelphia Veterans Multi-Service and Education Center.

You sold it out! All seats were filled as some 750 listeners bought tickets on the WMGK website for $20 and all the proceeds went to this local veteran’s service agency. No tickets were available at the door because it was completely sold out!

At the end of the show, John DeBella presented the service agency with a check for $15,000. If you were in the audience last night, we thank you for your donation. Our listeners are the best!

Jim Breuer is best known for a laugh he has that sounds like a goat, giving him the nickname “Goat Boy.” He made up a bit using the goat sound where a guy with tourettes syndrome does karaoke for a living singing 80s songs in bars around the country. On SNL, the bit evolved to him hosting the fictional MTV program "Hey, Remember the 80s?"

He was a member of SNL with Will Farrell and Tracy Morgan (1995-98). He impersonated both of them last night, and it was spot on and very funny. Breuer is also known for starring in the film “Half Baked” with Dave Chappelle.

Breuer brought up the fact that this was a charity performance for veterans but it wasn’t just a passing thought. He then launched into a whole 30 minutes of jokes about his father who is a veteran of World War II.  It wasn’t like he was making fun of him though, and at the end he even gave a statement that no matter what his father might do at the age of 90, there is no reason to be embarrassed because he served in WWII and he will always love him for that. The crowd applauded in kind.

Breuer, 45, lives in Chester Township, NJ with his wife and three daughters. He tours the country now with his stand-up routine and has a radio show on satellite radio. He had a way of talking that was very slow, so it was easy to follow. I also noticed he didn’t use any profanity – not one word – and that, to me, was refreshing.

Vinnie Brand opened the show but there were sound problems in the venue and it was hard to hear him unless you were sitting right up front. This was unfortunate because he is very funny.

John DeBella has been hosting and supporting comedy acts his entire career here in Philadelphia. He was excited about last night, and said “wait until you see the next one!”

Stay tuned.

Posted By: Cyndy Drue  

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