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Summertime memories
Posted 7/25/2012 10:07:00 AM

Hope you're having a great summer so far!

One of my fondest summertime memories growing up was spending a week at my grandmother’s house in Ocean City with all my cousins. There was Margot, Lizanne, Louise, Ann, my sister and me – one big clan of girls all about the same age. Days were spent at the beach lathered up with baby oil (long before we started using sunblock), splashing around in the ocean, walking to Sip ‘n Snack for an ice cream cone with the dime our grandmother gave us each to pay for it, and riding the bumper cars and Tilt-a-Whirl on the boardwalk.


I remember one night two of the older cousins, Stuart and Mike, came in from being away a few days. They were talking about this concert they attended called Woodstock. I was a little too young to appreciate it and went downstairs to read my Archie comic book.


Of course years later, once I got into rock ‘n roll radio, my two cousins became heroes to me having gone to this famous concert. I had them on my radio show on the tenth anniversary and the phone lines lit up with listeners wanting to talk to them about it.  


We still go to Ocean City every summer to get together with our cousins, although my grandmother and her house are gone. This year, Stuart proudly announced that he is a published author and had copies of his book for everyone to see. “Hippie Chicks and other 60’s Magic” is a collection of short stories of being a young adult in the 60s. And there inside, on page 2, is his account of Woodstock.


This time, I took his story in with total interest. He describes the journey to get there and what they found once they arrived. It’s a fun, albeit, short read, leaving me wanting more.


Stuart’s retired now from teaching English in public school in New Jersey and coaching girl’s soccer there. He sold his house in NJ and lives in a trailer in Ocean City part of the year and another trailer in Florida during the winter months.  He has a boat, a car and a motorcycle. He’s living the hippie life in the new century now.


Are you making some cool summertime memories?



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