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Posted 10/16/2013 6:05:00 PM

Roger Hodgson is playing at the Scottish Rite Auditorium on October 27th and I had the great honor of chatting with him about his early days (including making a recording with a certain piano-playing rock superstar!), his days in Supertramp and about touring with Ringo Starr's All-Star Band!  What a great dude!

Posted By: Andre Gardner  

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  1. RachelK_7209 posted on 10/17/2013 04:30 PM
    Wonderful interview, Andre! Roger Hodgson has been one of my favorites for years! Very interesting to hear about the career span of playing with that "piano Superstar" at age 19 to Ringo Starr just a few years ago. I have always loved Supertramp but it is Roger's songs that I have always held close.

    I didn't know until recently that although Roger and Supertramp's other co-founder shared writing credit, they actually wrote and composed separately with each singing their own songs. Roger gave us Give a Little Bit, Breakfast in America, The Logical Song, Take the Long Way Home, many more! I am so happy that I will get to see him in concert again in just a few days!

    I have been so fortunate to see Roger twice this year and each concert gave me an uplifting feeling and sense of peace that stayed with me for weeks. His voice is amazing and he oozes warmth toward his audience, not to mention that tight band of his! I am going to try to make it to more than one show this month. I saw all the tour dates on Events at See you in a few days!
    1. AndreG_2 posted on 10/20/2013 02:16 PM
      @RachelK_7209 Thanks, Rachel! It was quite a thrill to chat with him. What a nice dude he is!
  2. HeartS posted on 10/20/2013 11:36 AM
    "When words fail, music speaks" If ever there was an artist who so embodied this expression, it is you Roger. I have been in the audience for many concerts where the emotions are high and dreams flow freely. If you would ask fans what dreams run through their heads while the are melted into the sea of faces.....most would say, "To have the musicians notice them, to make you feel like it's important that you are at this concert, the personal connection". Roger is the master of making this connection, of guiding or mentoring your fans through your music, inviting us into a glimpse of your personal life. For we all know it's NOT just about the words/music, it about the emotions the music creates. Your magic is centered in the peaceful and loving relationship you have with your "muse" (the creative process in your soul) and how you openly share it with all of us!!

    We, the fans who have known this for so long understand this and love you for the looks in our eyes, the pointing of a finger, the humorous calling us out that makes us feel like you are playing for us alone........ Come join us to experience this connection for yourself. Buy your ticket for the Scottish Rite Auditorium on October 27th and let the magic begin....
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