MGK's Fightins' Baseball Tailgates
Saturday July 13 (1:30-3:30p)

Saturday, July 13 from 1:30 to 3:30p, get ready for the Philadelphia vs. Chicago game with MGK and join us for an MGK Fightins' Baseball Tailgate on the front lawn of Holiday Inn Stadium (10th & Packer Ave).

We'll have plenty of games and MGK prizes and we'll be playing the BEST Classic Rock ever made to get you ready to enjoy another Phils victory.   Hungry?  Stadium Sports Bar and Restaurant will be grilling up dollar dogs.  

The Holiday Inn Stadium -Visit for info on their fabulous wedding specials in their ballroom & info on Stadium Sports Bar and Restaurant and their amazing gourmet burgers.


MGK's Fightins' Baseball Tailgate is sponsored by:


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