DeBella's Holiday Bill Bailout
Tell us why John DeBella should pay your bills

John DeBella wants to "bail out" MGK listeners who need help paying their holiday bills.

Just email and tell us ALL of the following.
1.  Tell John your first and last name
2.  Tell John about your bill
3.  Tell John how much your bill is for
4.  Tell John the funny or interesting reason why he should bail you out.
5.  Leave a phone number where you can be reached 9a-5p

If John likes what you have to say, he'll put you on the air so you can explain your situation and he'll pay your bill.  Just remember, your bill has to be a REAL one. 

John starts paying bills on Monday, January 6, so send in your bill request, NOW.

Here's an example of some interesting stories we've heard in the past, we're VERY confident that these stories are made up.  Remember, the story and bill you submit MUST be real.  

Dear  John, I wanted to surprise my kids by decorating my car like a reindeer, but I shouldn't have used superglue to attach those antlers because now I need a new paint job.   

Dear John, we invited Santa to spend a few nights with us after he made his rounds and as a result, our milk & cookie budget went through the roof.  Now we need to restock.  Help!


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