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Upgrading Door Security and a DIY Flowchart

In this audio podcast The Handyguys discuss how to upgrade the entry doors in your house for increased security and then discuss a flowchart for determining if DIY projects are right for you.

Door Security

Door Devil Anti-Kick and Door Frame Repair KitThe Handyguys have discussed home security in the past but it usually involves systems that alert the homeowner or the police when there is a break-in. The device we talk about on this podcast designed to deter the bad guys from gaining entrance in the first place. The product is the Door Devil™ and Paul and Brian try it on for size!

Top 3 DIY upgrades recommended by Police

  • Adding a 2nd 2 cylinder Deadbolt
  • Adding a Peephole
  • Adding a door frame reinforcement device

In some areas break-ins are on the rise. Some people’s first reaction is to say “we need to get an alarm system”. Unfortunately many break-ins occur in houses that HAVE alarm systems. The thieves don’t care because they’d kick the door and run in/out in Blitzkrieg or NASCAR Pit crew style before the alarm company was even notified or police can respond. Thieves are in, out, and gone in 4 minutes or less. Certainly, the alarms provide incentive for them not to linger, but don’t provide the deterrent or defense necessary to protect the home.

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For more information on this tip, please read the original posting to learn more about installation as well as a clean DIY flowchart.

About the Handy Guys

The Handy Guys are a couple of guys who know a lot and have distinct opinions on the rest with real experience to back it up.

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