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Snow Blower Comparisons

The Handyguys are sick of snow. Is it time to purchase a new power tool?

If you live anywhere north of the Mason Dixon Line, you are probably fed up with the snow and ice that covers our sidewalks and driveways. For the handyguy budgeting for his or her next power tool, a snow blower may be on your mind. But is a snow blower really the next power tool you want to add to your tool arsenal? Evidently many folks around the country think so as the sales of snow blowers are on the rise according to Wendy Bounds of the Wall Street Journal. Paul enjoyed reading a pair of articles she wrote recently in his favorite newspaper. Wendy provides a review of several models and outlines the basic varieties of blowers.

Neither Brian nor Paul own a snow blower, and they are as overwhelmed as anyone by all the choices. Should a handyguy purchase a smaller electric shovel which may remove a few inches of snow, or would a two-stage godzilla model be the head turner that is desired? In order to sort this out, the Handyguys interview Wendy Bounds who has tested a small fleet of snow blowers for her WSJ review. As you will find out in this podcast, Bounds has plenty of driveway to give these machines a workout.

The Handyguys and Wendy discuss how the snow blower in every garage effects the very social fabric of our society. Do these machines put the squeeze on local neighborhood youth with an entrepreneurial spirit?

Listen to the Handyguys discussion Wendy Bounds from the Wall Street Journal

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