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I chose Drexel University Online because of the university’s quality of education and their reputation for supporting veterans using the Post-911 GI-Bill and Yellow Ribbon Program.  Drexel was the perfect fit because it offers professionals like me an opportunity to earn a Master of Science in Project Management followed by graduate studies in Homeland Security Management. - Rick Whitson, Senior Chief (Retired)/E8, US Navy

“I started taking Drexel Online classes while doing a combat tour in Iraq. The administration was very helpful in setting everything up, and the professors were very understanding of the sometimes difficult circumstances. After getting out of the Army, they helped me make a smooth transition from online and into a full time, on-campus experience. I'm really glad I picked a school like Drexel, who makes every effort to accommodate the needs of veterans.”  - Matt Culbertson, Army SPC

“I talk to a lot of older vets and the often say “I wish I had used my GI Bill when I had the chance.” I didn’t want to make that mistake. You earned your college education in the hardest way possible, so you should definitely take advantage of it.” - Matt Culbertson, Army SPC

“I completed my undergraduate work with Drexel Online, as it fit our lifestyle and moving situations. I decided to stay with Drexel for my graduate studies because the online program provides me with the flexibility to continue my classes, while living the demands of military life.”  - Kristin Duncan, Military Spouse (husband is U.S. Navy, E5)

“No one can take one’s education away. Having an education is priceless when it comes to being an active member in society and setting oneself up for a great future.”  - Kristin Duncan, Military Spouse (husband is U.S. Navy, E5)

I have been pleasantly surprised by the rigor and quality of the courses at Drexel Online.  I also like the flexibility.  When I’m traveling, I can bring my laptop and can complete my work anywhere, anytime.  – Patience Ajoff-Foster, Military Spouse (husband is SSG, Army) 


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