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Three Rolling Stones Hitting The Stage This Month


The Rolling Stones' Ron Wood will be teaming up with two former Stones, Bill Wyman and Mick Taylor, for a special concert in London on June 30th. According to The London Evening Standard, half of the surviving Stones will take part in Bluesfest 2012: Ronnie Wood & Friends, The Chess Records Story set to play at London's HMV Hammersmith Apollo. Wyman and Wood last jammed together in December when Wyman sat in on a Stones rehearsal for the first time in 20 years.
On December 1st, 2010 Taylor, Wood, and the Stones' pre-fame bassist Dick Taylor performed at London's 100 Club as a fundraiser for the "Save The 100 Club" campaign to help keep the legendary club in business. That same year, Taylor teamed up with Mick Jagger and Keith Richards to add overdubs to the unreleased material on the Exile On Main Street reissue. He remains on good terms with the Stones, and has frequently sat in Richards, Wood, and Wyman over the years.
Mick Taylor, who's currently working on his autobiography, recalled that back in the day, like any working band, the Stones were extremely tight -- both on and off the road: "That whole period was incredibly intense and creative for all of us because it was a new beginning for the band -- and they had signed a new contract with Atlantic Records and we had to, in theory, at least, we had to come up with at least six albums in six years. If we weren't hanging out together or recording, we were touring. I just remember most of the time we were either in the studio, or we were socializing together, or we were on the road."
Ron Wood says that over the years, each member has done their part to keep the Stones rolling when it seemed as though things might end: "Yeah, I think subconsciously, as well as consciously, we all have a huge percentage of 'let's save this institution,' yeah."
Bill Wyman told us a while back that his departure from the Stones 20 years ago hasn't effected his personal relationship with the band at all: "I loved my 31 years with the band, and I mean, I'm still great friends with the guys. I see them regularly. In fact, I've seen them all in the last two or three weeks at various events and had a good time with them, and all that, as I always do. We socialize quite a lot, especially Charlie (Watts). I see Mick (Jagger) quite a lot, and I see Keith (Richards) and Woody (Ron Wood) less, but, you know, when we get together we have a good laugh, so it's a nice atmosphere."

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