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Joe Walsh is riding high with the success of his first solo album in 20 years, the critically acclaimed, Analog Man. The set, which debuted last week on the Billboard 200 at Number 12, features the unmistakable sounds of co-producer and ELO leader, Jeff Lynne.
Walsh explained how the Walsh-Lynne collaboration came to be in the first place: "I met Jeff through my wife, Marjorie -- Jeff's a dear old friend of hers, and so I met Jeff. And back in the day, ELO and the James Gang had played a couple of gigs together, but Jeff and I never really got a chance to hang out. We just met socially and that led to a 'show and tell.' He's in the middle of a project, and of course I had my unfinished album. So we played some of that for each other."
He explained that it was at Lynne's urging that the material on Analog Man came to be fully realized: "And then he said, 'Well, why don't you bring your tracks over to my house and we'll check 'em out -- and he decided to help. He just had suggestions. And I mean, he would hear a middle part, or it would be the middle of the song -- time to do somethin' and I just had the basic track, and he would hear stuff. He wanted to 'ELO it' (laughs)." )

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