Ground Broke on Hendrix Park in Seattle

It finally sounds like Jimi Hendrix Park will become a reality.

Per, the ground-breaking ceremony took place yesterday in Seattle, with a large portion of the park’s construction taking place next year.  As of right now, no estimated opening date has been announced. 

This park will not only be a gathering place for residences and tourists alike but will also serve as a place to remember Jimi’s extraordinary life.  

“The importance of having a park for Jimi is really about honoring and memorializing him as a musician, as an artist, as a human being,” said Janie L. Hendrix, director of the Jimi Hendrix Park Foundation and the CEO of Experience Hendrix.  “He’s given so much to the world, which we continue to enjoy and listen to and watch him on screen.”

Funds are still being raised to create all of the intended features within the park.  If you’re interested in donating, head over to