Springsteen’s Directorial Debut


Bruce Springsteen has made his directorial debut with the ten minute video for the song “Hunter of Invisible Game” off his most recent album, “High Hopes.” 

The video is non-linear and kinda tough to follow, if there is a story at all.  It seems to be more of a meandering thing.  What is apparent is that it is Bruce Springsteen fare, with its portrayal of a family man wandering through corn fields and lying shirtless in a creek (props on the 64-year-old abs, btw).  The whole thing looks really…. Majestic, is the word, I suppose. 

The recent album of covers and b-sides, featuring Tom Morello on most of the tracks, is a little jarring and very patchy, but this is a high-quality Boss song and the video makes it all the better. 

Best part:  seeing Bruce Springsteen wearing reading glasses.  Forget denim jackets; that’s what makes an everyman.

Check out the video here.