Alice Cooper Inducted Into White Castle Hall of Fame

There have been many memorable moments during Alice Cooper’s life, but I doubt none more special than this cheesy honor, a spot in the White Castle Cravers Hall of Fame.

On Monday, The Godfather of Shock Rock was, of course, in attendance at the White Castle World Headquarters in Columbus, OH, to receive the unique award. 

“I grew up in East Detroit,” said Alice Cooper in an interview with The Columbus Dispatch. “In East Detroit we grew up on White Castle hamburgers and the Detroit Tigers. My dad would bring home two bags of 12 for a dollar…this was 1954 or 1955.We grew up on White Castles. I never lost the craving for it.”

In fact Cooper loves White Castle so much he had a suggestion for the company executives in attendance at his induction. It was really cheesy.

“They should make White Castle aftershave,” said Cooper.

White Castle VP Jamie Richardson knew Cooper would be a great fit.

“When we heard about Cooper’s life-long love of our hot and tasty sandwiches, we knew he had to be a part of the Cravers Hall of Fame. He is a legend in the rock n’ roll world, and now he is a legend at White Castle.”

As an inductee he was given a tour of the headquarters as well as a plaque commemorating him being selected. The rock n’ roll legend shares this honor with 170 other castle cravers.

Besides eating mounds of castle sliders, Cooper is currently touring as a special guest alongside Motley Crue on their farewell tour. Tomorrow he will be performing in Des Moines, IA at Wells Fargo Arena. Tour info can be found on