Ted Nugent’s Ode To BBQ

Independence Day:  A time to stop and reflect on the birth of our nation…and gorge on smoked meats.

And when one thinks about America and raw animal carcass, you can’t help but think of the one, the only Ted Nugent.  There is perhaps no other musician that loves these two things more than The Nuge. 

In fact, The Motor City Madman loves grilling so much that he wrote a song about it, affectionately called “I Love My BBQ,” which is featured on his upcoming album Shutup&Jam! that comes out July 8th.

Take a listen to the track below, and ask yourself:  When it comes to BBQ-themed tracks, is it a great song…OR THE GREATEST SONG!

Regardless of what you think, good luck trying to get the song out of your head, because we sure as hell can’t.