Joey Kramer on New Aerosmith Album: “Why Bother?”

LOS ANGELES, CA - MARCH 28: Musician Joey Kramer on stage as Aerosmith announces their 'The Global Warming' Tour at The Grove on March 28, 2012 in Los Angeles, California.
After Aerosmith’s 2012 release Music from Another Dimension! under-performed, many wondered how the band would regroup and move forward with new material.  Apparently, the band may not be moving forward with a new album, according to drummer Joey Kramer.

In an interview with, Kramer says, “It would be great to make another record, but it’s almost [like] ‘Why bother?’ Records don’t sell and they don’t do anything.”

Krammer went on to say that from an artistic standpoint, he would like to record another album, but “music now is so disposable” and that Aerosmith are “not the Justin Biebers and the Nicki Minajs of the world, so unfortunately records don’t make sense.”

Considering how it seems like multiple stories pop up every week about bands heading back to the studio, it’s surprising that Aerosmith might be considering calling it a day.  For crying out loud, Judas Priest just announced today that they’re releasing a new album, and their first album came out one year after Aerosmith’s debut!