Dates For Aerosmith/Slash Tour To Be Announced April 8th

and Slash are preparing for an announcement next week -- most likely on Tuesday (April 8) -- for their summer Let Rock Rule tour.

To gear up for the reveal, Aerosmith and guitarist Joe Perry have engaged in a bit of graffiti around Los Angeles, all captured on their Twitter feeds and Facebook and Instagram pages. In one, Perry confirms that the tour is "absolutely official" and that "tickets will be going on sale real soon." No time frame has been specified for the tour yet.

Aerosmith, which released "Music From Another Dimension!" in 2012, is unlikely to have any new music for the trek, though Slash and his band, the Conspirators, have been working on a new album they hope to have out by the end of summer or in the fall.

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler tells us that his band's frequent issues and interpersonal turmoil tend to melt away when the five members are actually on stage together:

"The funny thing about the band is when we're on stage, (we're) different animals on stage. We're right back to the same people we were when we were in the studio writing and the first year that we met and the excitement and the gleam in Tom Hamilton's eye when he picked up the bass and we made music together. Oh, sure, we all played music apart, but once we played it together, oops, there's the magic. It was like the five right keys that opened the lock of what it is-ness -- you can coin that term, baby!"