KISS News Round-Up: New Photo App, Fan Survey

KISS Photo Bomb App Main Page
Leave it to KISS to create an awesome photo app!

Going live this morning, the new “KISS Photo Bomb” app allows users to take photos and, as the app’s official site put it, “KISSIFY” them with various makeup and effects overlays.  (Yes…the app includes Gene Simmons’ tongue as an effect.)  You can even insert any of the KISS characters (Starchild, The Demon, Catman or Spaceman) into the photos.

But wait…there’s more!

Your KISS photo creations can be shared on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and can also be sent via text message.  As if that wasn’t enough, a set of KISS emoticons are also included.

The “KISS Photo Bomb” app is available for download at Apple’s App Store and at Google Play…FOR FREE!  You read that correctly, Gene and Paul are giving a KISS product away for free!  As you can tell by the picture to the right, once we heard "free", we downloaded the app immediately.

In other KISS news, the band wants its fans to help come up with ideas for how the group should celebrate the 40th anniversary of its first two albums this year.

The group is launching a campaign via the crowd sourcing operation Tongal to query the KISS Army and others about "how KISS should celebrate their 40th anniversary in the most epic way possible." Appearing at Tongal's first Tongies awards ceremony on Wednesday night (April 2) in Los Angeles, Gene Simmons told reporters that, "We've always been about the fans. Tongal allows our fans to throw out ideas, and you know you're going to make something authentic."

Tongal founder James DeJulio added that, "Like any great band, KISS' fans have supported them and been a part of their lives forever. This campaign creates another deep connection with the band."

KISS -- which is being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on April 10 -- already has a number of things planned for the year, including a tour with Def Leppard that kicks off June 23 in Salt Lake City, Utah, the re-release of its catalog on vinyl, a new "Kiss 40" compilation and "Kissteria -- The Ultimate Vinyl Road Case" box set. But Paul Stanley tells us that he doesn't see the need for much hoopla:

"We'll go on tour and do what we do, and that is do great shows. Every year is an anniversary, y'know? Is it more meaningful because it's got a zero on the end? Not to me. Every day surviving and moving, moving forward and keeping Kiss vibrant and vital, it's an anniversary. We're not going out there to do anything except what we do."