Ted Nugent Paid $16K Not To Play Texas Show


Many of us have heard or even personally expressed disdain toward certain artists so much so that we would pay money to silence them instead of hearing them perform.  More often than not, these statements are all talk, but in the case of Ted Nugent, it has become a reality.

The city of Longview, Texas has cut ties with the Motor City Madman, who was set to perform at the city’s Fourth of July celebration, to the tune of $16,250, according to local news outlet the Longview News-Journal.

Since the city had a verbal agreement with Nugent to perform, they had to pay him half of his $32,000 performance fee to break the agreement.

Many reasons led to Nugent getting the axe, ranging from concerns about the event being family-friendly to actual site logistics, but it is speculated that the main reason is due to Nugent’s appearances alongside Texas gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott along his campaign trail, where he has made less-than-favorable remarks about President Barack Obama and immigrants.