Alan Parsons Busy With New Projects


Though the Alan Parsons Project's past will be celebrated with "The Complete Albums Collection" box set that's due out March 31, the group currently has plenty of new projects on its plate.

It recently released a new single called "Fragile," as well as a live album that's available via download only in the U.S. A live DVD is also in post-production.

Of "Fragile," Parsons told us that,

Alan Parsons on new single, "Fragile" by GMI Rock News

"It's written, co-written with the main frontman singer in the band, PJ Olsson, and also the bass player, Guy Erez. The three of us got together and we recorded it probably starting about a year ago, and we released it in Germany at the end of last year and we just recently started playing it live."

As for more new material, Parsons added that,

Alan Parsons on a new album by GMI Rock News

"It's got the makings of a new album. We've actually got three or four candidates for an album now -- but what's an album in this download world?...We're thinking about putting out a full-blown album, but for the moment we're concentrating on live stuff."

The Project played several dates in Florida during February and starts a South American tour on March 26 in Brazil. Parsons says more North American shows are planned for the summer.