Deep Purple’s “Made In Japan” Receiving Deluxe Treatment In Re-Release


Deep Purple is digging into its vaults again, this time for an expanded, deluxe edition of its classic 1972 live album "Made in Japan," which is due out May 19.

The new edition will be available in several configurations, with the most extensive featuring four CDs containing all three of the August 1972 concerts that were recorded for the album, a DVD of mostly unreleased footage, a seven-inch vinyl single and a hardback book.

"Made in Japan" was released in Britain during December of 1972 and four months later in the U.S., where it peaked at No. 6 on the Billboard 200 chart and was certified platinum. That success was not a surprise to frontman Ian Gillan, who tells us that he's always viewed Deep Purple as a live act first and foremost:

"In the past, the only reason we made records, the only reason we ever made records from '69 was so we were writing new material to include in the show.... We were full of ideas, every single night, five cities a week, we're writing on stage every single night because of the improvisation. The band's show is totally different every night; the songs, the frameworks are probably pretty similar, but its name the same."

Deep Purple released its 19th album, "Now What?!" during 2013 and will perform at Hellfest on June 21 in France.