Epic Pink Floyd Exhibition To Open In Milan In September 2014

You better start saving up your money for airfare, Pink Floyd fans, because an all-encompassing exhibition highlighting the band’s five decade history is set to open in Milan this September.

Appropriately called “The Pink Floyd Exhibition – Their Mortal Remains”, the show is set to run at La Fabbrica Del Vapor, a former tramcar assembly plant that now serves as a museum, and will take up nearly 27,000 square feet. (We told you it was epic!)

What’s really cool about the exhibition is that it will be assembled in chronological order to allow fans to literally follow the history of Pink Floyd, from their early days in the 1960’s with Syd Barrett to present day.  Over 300 artifacts will be on display ranging from music instrument s to sculptural sets.  And yes…there will be a flying pig on display.  As of right now, the exhibition will run from September 19 through October 19.

To learn more about “The Pink Floyd Exhibition – Their Mortal Remains”, go to the official website www.pinkfloydexhibition.com.