Dusty Hill on ZZ Top’s Longevity: “We Still Love It”


ZZ Top has been rockin’ together for more than 40 years, and according to Dusty Hill, there are no plans to stop now.

Speaking with Classic Rock Magazine, the group’s bassist opened up about the “secret” to staying together for over four decades.

“It’s a cliché and sounds so simplistic, but it’s down to the three of us genuinely enjoying playing together,” he said. “We still love it, and we still get a kick out of being on stage.”

Beyond that, the 64-year-old rocker chalks it up to a matter of cohesive personalities.

“We also have enough in common to maintain a bond between us but sufficient differences to keep our individuality. And after all this time, we all know what winds up the others and what makes them the people they are,” he adds.

Hill was also surprisingly game when asked what he’d like written on his tombstone, noting that he’s come up with a few ideas, but “none of them are really that good.

But the performer isn’t planning on calling it quits yet, as ZZ Top has a couple dozen more tour dates in the works, beginning with a show in Aspen, Colorado on March 7.

Read the full interview over at classicrockmagazine.com and check out the full list of tour info at ZZ Top’s official page.