Styx, Foreigner & Don Felder Touring

There will be classic hits aplenty when Styx, Foreigner and former Eagles guitarist Don Felder join forces for The Soundtrack of Summer Tour this year, a three-month trek that begins May 16 in Oklahoma City.

The trio has announced 34 initial dates, with more to be announced soon; initial tickets will go on sale on February 7.

The trek pairs Styx and Foreigner for the first time since the 2010 Union Tour, and Foreigner founder Mick Jones tells us he's looking forward to another excellent road adventure:

"We found it was very nice touring (with (Styx). They're very professional guys...They're a great band and really professional and great people, very nice people. So we thought, 'Well, this might be worth picking up again.' And the two bands, although different, seem to complement each other. The audience enjoys both, I think, and then with the addition of Don Felder, that's kind of an interesting evening's worth of music."

For Styx's James "J.Y." Young, the triple bill -- with its combined sales of more than 250 albums worldwide and  No. 1 hits -- is "like a bunch of heavyweight fighters getting together… When you've been heavyweight champion of the world you have the most in common with any other man who's gotten there as well 'cause it takes a special and unique individual…and a certain type of tenacity to accomplish something like that, to accomplish the kind of success we've enjoyed. It takes a certain amount of luck as well, but there's got to be talent and tenacity and skill and resolve. So I guess I look at it like we're a bunch of old heavyweight fighters."

Felder, meanwhile, promises fans will get plenty of songs they know and love from all three acts: "I'm really excited about it 'cause not only has every band got an amazing catalog of songs, so the whole night will be full of great songs that people know, but the vocalists in every band are amazing, great guitarists in every band and a lot of fun to be expected from being on the road with these guys and doing great shows."

Felder and members of Styx and Foreigner appeared on Fox News' "Fox & Friends" morning show on Tuesday (February 4) to announce the tour and play a medley of Foreigner's "Jukebox Heroes," the Eagles' "Hotel California" and Styx's "Blue Collar Man;" they've also recorded a new version of "Hotel California" that will be part of a special tour CD featuring songs from all three acts.

The tour's full itinerary and updates can be found at