Alan Parsons Project Box Set On The Way

The Alan Parsons Project's first 10 albums, plus an unreleased work, will be packaged together in "The Alan Parsons Project -- The Complete Album Collection," which comes out March 31.

The set includes all of the titles created by famed British producer/engineer Parsons, from 1976's "Tales of Mystery and Imagination: Edgar Allan Poe" to 1987's "Gaudi," after which Parsons ended his association with Arista Records; it also includes 1977's landmark "I Robot."

The box set also sports the first-ever release of "The Sicilian Defense," an dissonant, atonal album the APP recorded during 1981 in France in response to stalled contract negotiations with the label; once the conflict cooled Arista locked the tapes away in the vaults, with only one song, "Elsie's Theme," surfacing as a bonus track on an expanded edition of the 1979 "Eve" album.

Parsons oversaw the production of the album and wrote new liner notes for the set.