Paul Rodgers Debuts Song From Upcoming Memphis Soul Covers Album

Paul Rodgers
latest studio effort is going to be one with a lot of soul!

The iconic singer is taking on the task of covering some of Memphis, Tennessee’s most notable R&B and soul musicians with his forthcoming album, The Royal Sessions.

Now, Rodgers has piqued fans’ interest by previewing his rendition of Otis Redding’sI’ve Been Loving You Too Long,” which can be heard below.

During a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the Bad Company rocker discussed his decision to cover Redding and revealed the reasons why he was so inspired by the Memphis soul artist as a young man.

“I had been playing in groups since I was 13 or 14, and suddenly Otis' band became my ideal band,” Rodgers explains to Rolling Stone. “They played from a deeper place. The one thing I loved about blues and soul was the way they taught the world how to express such deep feelings.”

“I was brought up in a fairly emotionally repressed kind of society in Northeast England where one didn't express emotions and was expected to keep a stiff upper lip,” he continues. “But I felt that the part of me that was born to be a singer needed to share these kinds of emotions, and through Otis, I found a much-yearned-for outlet for this.”

The Royal Sessions, which also features Rodgers’ interpretations of songs by Albert King, Sam Cooke, Ann Peebles and others, is due out on February 4 via 429 Records. All proceeds from the record will help support local music programs in Memphis, and Rodgers will also showcase the songs through a series of to-be-announced concerts.

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