Latest Rush Album to be Adapted into Comic Book Series

has announced a March start for a comic book series based on its 2012 concept album, "Clockwork Angels."

The six issues will be written by science fiction author Kevin J. Anderson, who previously collaborated with drummer and lyricist Neil Peart on a novel based on the album's story of a youngster coming of age during the late 19th/early 20th centuries.

The comic books will use some of the lyrics form "Clockwork Angels' " songs and references to other Rush songs and albums.

Rush is no stranger to long-form conceptual pieces -- including "2112" and "Hemispheres" -- and guitarist Alex Lifeson told us that he and bassist-keyboardist Geddy Lee, who write the band's music, enjoyed the challenge of building an album around Peart's story:

"You know, all our records are thematic -- maybe not quite as overt at 'Clockwork Angels,' but certainly '2112' and 'Hemispheres' and all those guys. But all our records really are thematic, and there is a connection and fluidity that runs through them. But this a little more overt and there's a little more of a story to it, and I think it gave Neil an opportunity express himself on a wider platform."

Rush released a new live album and home video, "Clockwork Angels Tour," last month and is currently on hiatus, with no plans until at least the latter part of 2014.