Boston Releases First New Album in Over a Decade


releases "Life, Love & Hope," its sixth studio album -- and first in 11 years -- today (December 3).

Group founder and leader Tom Scholz is a notorious perfectionist and takes his time making new albums, but this was the longest gap yet between Boston releases topping the eight-year interims before each of the last three.

And Scholz tells us that left to his own devices he might still be working on the new album:

"I would've kept going (laughs) but it was already getting a little long. And I actually would've stopped one song earlier but I just more that I really just wanted to get done that I thought I could do, well, I'll say quickly in my world. But it was the song 'Someday,' which was basically an anti-bullying, standup and take a stand against it, and I wanted to get that on the album. So once I had that wrapped up I knew that was definitely it."

Scholz adds that the criteria for finishing lies entirely with him, with little input from even his regular collaborators:

"All of these songs, they're basically done when I don't think I can express myself any better with that music for whatever I was trying to say musically. That might be either because I'm so burnt on it that I don't think I can do any better or because...I would be dangerous to try to change [it]...So, um, y'know, I stop when I don't think I can do any better, and it's kind of the same thing with the album. I stopped when I think it's as good as it's gonna get."

"Life, Love & Hope" features seven vocalists, including Boston's late original singer Brad Delp on three tracks and Scholz's first ever lead vocal on the song "Love Got Away."

Scholz is planning to take Boston on the road in 2014 but has not yet announced any dates.