Jimmy Page Says Led Zeppelin Reissues Will Include Unreleased Material

For many Led Zeppelin fans, Christmas just came early!

In a recent interview with Team Rock Radio’s Nicky Horne (via Blabbermouth) at the Classic Rock Awards in London, Jimmy Page revealed that the band’s forthcoming box sets will indeed include some never-before-heard material.

“Each of the albums has been remastered but it also has a companion disc with it,” Page tells Horne. “Let’s take for example, ‘Led Zeppelin III’ - that’s remastered from analogue from the original thing.”

However, where this project differs from most reissues, says Page, is that he’s worked with each original Zeppelin album from the archives and “revisited” the unused mixes so that fans can enjoy “different versions” of the songs they know and love, ultimately seeing the band in a different light.

“Say, for example, there’s ‘Since I’ve Been Loving You’ — there’s an incredible version of that which is totally different, it’s really raw in its approach, it’s quite dramatic, it’s cool,” the guitarist continues. “That’s one little item of it, but what it gives is a companion disc to ‘Led Zeppelin III.’ It’ll come out in its own box and all the rest of it. Each disc will give a really intimate picture of the group. That’s the idea that I’ve had with it and I think it’s successful.”

Besides alternate versions of known songs, Page also teases that there will be some material included in the set that is unfamiliar to fans.

The news comes after Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant reportedly stated last month that the sets will include two tracks of bassist John Paul John singing lead (via Classic Rock Magazine), though Page remains cryptic on the details:

“Oh yeah. I can't tell you [what it is]… It's got to be a little bit of a surprise, I can't give all the games away,” he teases.

Check out Jimmy Page’s entire interview with Team Rock Radio below, and let us know what you think about the forthcoming Led Zeppelin box sets in the comment section!