David Bowie Rolls Out New Music Video for “Love is Lost”

David Bowie
isn’t one to do something half-heartedly, which he’s recently proved once again by releasing not one, but two music videos for his single “Love is Lost.”

The initial simplistic, somewhat eerie video, which was written and directed by Bowie himself, came out last month and a touted a budget of just $12.99 for its creation that took a mere 72 hours.

Now, a second video has been released for the same James Murphy-remixed single, but this cut, which was directed by Barnaby Roper, is longer, more intricate and racier.

While the first video featured Bowie and Bowie alone, sightings of the singer in this 10-minute clip are few and far between. Instead, a series of computer generated images including clapping hands and what looks like strands of DNA transform into a pair of 3D lovers (material is NSFW) as the song plays on.

“Love is Lost” marks the latest single from Bowie’s album The Next Day behind songs such as “Where Are We Now?,” “The Stars (Are Out Tonight),” “The Next Day” and “Valentine's Day.” A deluxe edition of the LP, entitled The Next Day Extra, was released earlier this month.

Check out the latest music video for “Love is Lost” here and head to David Bowie’s official website for other updates!