Boston Founder Tom Scholz Discusses the Band’s Latest Single "Heaven On Earth"

has offered a taste of "Life, Love & Hope," its first new album in 11 years, via the single and opening track "Heaven On Earth."

The song was written and produced by group founder Tom Scholz with vocals by David Victor and Louis St. August, and Scholz tells us it was an easy choice to be the first song for people to hear:

"Well, it's one of my favorite cuts. It's a rockin' song. You could sort of say it sounds like an obvious, traditional Boston song; on the other hand it has slide guitar in the solo parts, which is a little bit of a departure and was a lot of fun playing, by the way. But I think it's a catchy tune. It's got a chorus that people can pick up on pretty readily."

"Life Love & Hope" comes out December 3 and features remakes of several tracks from 2002's "Corporate America," which feature vocals by the late Brad Delp, Boston's original singer.

Scholz is hoping to take Boston on the road in 2014 but no dates have yet been announced.