Aerosmith Guitarist Expresses Unhappiness with Band's Latest Record

2012 album, Music From Another Dimension, received mixed reviews among fans and critics, but it looks like some of the harshest criticisms are coming from someone within the band.

During a recent interview with VH1 Radio Network (via Blabbermouth), guitarist Brad Whitford opened up about Aerosmith’s latest release, and he revealed that he and the band weren’t exactly satisfied with the final product.

“We have a lot of issues with the last record now," Whitford told VH1’s Dave Basner. “We felt like…I don't know, we feel like we missed the mark a little bit and I'm not quite sure what we would've done different but we feel like we should've done something a little different but I don't think we know what it was.”

Whitford went on to say that the band thought that they were heading in the right direction by doing it “old school,” but it didn’t really translate the way that they’d hoped. The rocker also suggests that Aerosmith is perhaps “a little bit stuck in the way [they] do things.”

So what does that mean for future releases? As of now, Whitford says he’s unsure how Aerosmith should better approach making a record, but also states that the Bad Boys from Boston are not lacking in the creativity department.

“We still have a lot of creative juices flowing so, I don't know,” Whitford explained to VH1. “Maybe we'll experiment a bit more in maybe the writing process and stuff. So I don't know. Maybe we need to go back and do some more… maybe bring in some more contemporary people to work with and maybe take a few twists and turns.”

The band recently wrapped up their Global Warming Tour, which they have been on since last year in support of Music From Another Dimension. Meanwhile, frontman Steven Tyler has stated that he’s actively working on his debut solo record, so there’s no telling when Aerosmith could return to the studio.

Do you agree with Brad Whitford’s thoughts on Aerosmith’s latest album? How did you feel about Music From Another Dimension? Sound off in the comments section below!