Van Halen Makes Peace-Keeping Cameo on "South Park"

On Wednesday's episode of Comedy Central’s South Park, Van Halen made a cameo as both the rock superstars that they are, but also, as promoters of world peace. 

In the episode “Ginger Cow,” Christians, Jews and Muslims merge in front of a stage where one of three religious leaders tells the crowd, “Let us celebrate, under one symbol.”  The symbols of Christianity, Islam and Judaism then morph to form the “VH” logo and the band runs on stage to rock a rendition of “Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love.”

The crowd is screaming and a reporter explains the scene, “The party is officially underway.  Jews, Christians and Muslims have united, ushering in 10 years of Van Halen.”

An additional clip of an animated Van Halen playing “Hot for Teacher” is also available at the Van Halen News Desk.

Van Halen has been touring in support of A Different Kind of Truth, the first “Roth album” in 28 years, though they are currently on hiatus.

Check out the video at and let us know what you think!