Tom Scholz Discusses Upcoming Boston Album and Future Plans

Tom Scholz
is preparing for the December 3 release of "Life, Love & Hope," the first new Boston album in 11 years.

The set follows 2002's "Corporate America," which itself was Boston's first new album in eight years.

But Scholz, a notorious perfectionist, tells us he`s hoping fans won't have to wait quite as long for what he does next:

"I have lots of ideas for material that I haven't finished and didn't get on this album...I gotta finish before I die, so I have no idea how much longer that would be...Y'know, my approach is always, I just work on the music as it sort of comes to me then once I sort of get into it with a few pieces, that`s when I start knuckling down and really go nose to the grindstone."

Several songs on "Life, Love & Hope" are revisions of material from "Corporate America" with the late Brad Delp on vocals.

The album also features Scholz's first lead vocal ever, on a track called "Love Got Away." Scholz says he plans to take Boston on the road in 2014, but no dates have yet been announced.