Moe Tucker Issues Tribute to Lou Reed


Legendary singer and songwriter, Lou Reed, passed away earlier this week from liver disease complications at the age of 71. Reed was the lead member of Velvet Underground as well as a successful solo artist. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996.

Upon the news of Reed’s passing, Velvet Underground co-founder and longtime friend John Cale posted a touching tribute to his fallen bandmate, and now, another former VU member has opened up about the loss of the singer.

MaureenMoe Tucker, who played drums with the Velvet Underground from 1968-1972, issued a tribute to Reed yesterday via The Daily Beast which discussed Lou’s personality, what he meant to her and the way his music made her feel.

Tucker comments on how Reed was such an encouraging and helpful person and says she's grateful they remained friends through the years.

She remembered his songwriting, too.  “I think most of what he wrote about was pretty personal, obviously a lot of people connected with what he had to say.”

Tucker also expressed her sympathy for his wife, Laurie Anderson, and added that she will truly miss him. 

“I’ll miss him being out there, doing his thing. My deep condolences to Laurie, who I’m very happy he found,” Tucker told The Daily Beast.

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