Upcoming Eagles Tour Could be the Band's Last

Following the release of the Showtime documentary “The History Of The Eagles: The Story Of An American Band,” The Eagles announced a series of July tour dates in support of the film.  However, according to guitarist Glenn Frey, the band’s touring days may be numbered. 

As Vintage Vinyl News reports, Frey spoke with members of the press in London on Thursday (April 25) and said of The Eagles’ future:

“We’re about to begin rehearsals next month for our world tour. I don’t want to say it’s our last world tour, but it very well could be. That’s the only immediate plan. We’ve been working on this documentary. That’s all I know.”

Frey went on to admit his amazement at the band’s enduring popularity, saying, “It’s somewhat confounding, but people still want to see us play. It doesn’t seem to end for us. You’d think people would get tired of us. But you know, people haven’t.”

The History Of The Eagles” will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray April 30 and the History Of The Eagles tour will kick off in Louisville, KY on July 6.

For more info, visit The Eagles' official website.