The J. Geils Band Plans to Hit the Road Next Year

Despite lingering legalities with its guitarist and namesake, the J. Geils Band plans to forge ahead according to frontman Peter Wolf.

Wolf -- who kicks off a short solo tour Friday (October 5) -- tells us that after a run of late-summer shows on the east coast, the band plans to return to the road in early 2013 even though it canceled some dates set for later this year.

"We're moving on, and I feel very excited about it," Wolf says. "The last shows, I would say for a Geils fan and people who came to the show, I feel we made some giant steps, being progressive. So we'll be out there on the highways and byways. As always, we do limited tours; we don't go on these long, extended tours. And maybe we'll pop up this summer on some festivals and things like that. We play it by ear and keep it pretty loose."

Wolf says that logistics and not the lawsuit with J. Geils -- who claims ownership of the band name and is contesting the others' ability to perform under that moniker -- were responsible for this year's other shows being canceled.

"Like any classic band that has gone through the decades, there are changes," Wolf says. "The Eagles, they've gone through personnel changes. The (Rolling) Stones have gone through so many different guitar players. Van Halen has gone through different (singers), and the Allman Brothers have gone through guitar players and situations and problems and things that arise -- not unlike a marriage. Some last. Some don't."

Wolf will play seven shows, including a pair in California, before wrapping up November 3 in New York City.

He's also been working on material for a new solo album to follow up last year's "Midnight Souvenirs."

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