J. Geils Sues His Former Bandmates

John Geils Jr. is "Looking for a Lawsuit".

According to an article from the Boston Globe, Geils is suing his former bandmates for, well, his own name.

Peter Wolf, Seth Justman, Magic Dick and Danny Klein announced a couple weeks ago that they were planning to tour as the J. Geils Band sans their former guitarist J. Geils; a plan that obviously rubbed Geils the wrong way.

But does Geils have a case?

The Boston Globe reports that in 2009, the guitarist was awarded the trademark of the “J. Geils Band” after applying for the patent a year previously.

And apparently J.’s note to his bandmates about his patent application “musta got lost” in the mail, because none of them were aware of his actions.

Now, which the news of an impending tour, Geils has taken official legal action against his former band for “trademark infringement” and “deceptive business practices”.

While it’ll most likely be a while until the court reaches a decision, we wouldn’t expect to see “The J. Geils Band” on a concert bill anytime soon.

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