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The 30th Anniversary DeBella DeBall, a dress to impress EVENT, will be held on December 14 at Vie (on Broad St. just North of Spring Garden).
This is an INVITE ONLY event. There are no more online or on-air opportunities to win tickets to the DeBalla DeBall. Thank you for checking out the John DeBella 30th Anniversary page.

Who's Playing:
Music by Johnny O & The Classic Dogs of Love
Special guests David Uosikkinen's In the Pocket featuring members of the Hooters, Tommy Conwell, Richard Bush (of the A's)

The 30th Anniversary DeBella DeBall is proudly sponsored by:

Magic Hat Brewing Company Delaware Valley Honda Dealers

  • John with Famous People
    John DeBella with Famous People
    John's met his share of 'important people' over the past 30 years. Here are a few of our favorites.

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  • John with Musicians
    John DeBella with Musicians
    John's love for music is what got him into this business. Here are pics of John and some Classic Rock legends.

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  • John in Action
    John DeBella in action
    Whether he's at Love Park trying to provide the less fortunate with holiday meals, presiding over the Masquerade Bash or bonding with owners and their four legged best friends at the Dog Walk, John is always doing his part to make life better for those in the Philadelphia area.

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  • More John
    More John DeBella
    We weren't sure how to categorize these photos. Enjoy 'More John' photos.

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